Creative Lighting is Service Excellence

Creative Lighting Does Business the Way You Want To

When we say Service Excellence, we are not using a phrase that just sounds good, or that we’ve defined for ourselves. Our Customers have defined it for us. They have told us what they require and we accept the challenge and the responsibility of providing it for them. We are committed to remaining on the leading edge of technology and offering the newest products and services available to maximize the value we provide to our Customers.

Product Delivery

Creative Lighting’s well-trained Associates and fleet of trucks deliver quality electrical parts and supplies every day. At Creative Lighting Electric Supply, one Associate fills your product order, and then a second Associate verifies it for accuracy. You can be assured that you get exactly what you ordered–every time. In an emergency, Creative Lighting makes special deliveries. The next time you need it now, Creative Lighting delivers.

Proven Systems

At Creative Lighting, we have developed highly sophisticated systems, using the latest in technology, so we can effectively meet the complex and expanding needs of our Customers.

Creative Lighting’s Warehousing & Distribution Techniques have been carefully coordinated and organized. Our warehouse teams:

  • Receive
  • Select
  • Ship
  • Deliver

As a part of Creative Lighting’s Total Quality Process, we have documented every major procedure in our company which ensures that our procedures, which have been carefully developed and fine-tuned, are followed every time.

Creative Lighting’s system is a sophisticated, on-line program that is tailored to consistently meet our Customers’ needs at any Creative Lighting Service Center. With this powerful tool, we are able to provide immediate and accurate answers on stock availability, product alternatives, backorder status and billing details. In addition, the system provides us with safeguards to keep our stock at optimum levels and to ensure a high “fill rate” on all orders.

Creative Lighting is committed to utilizing the latest technologies, such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), bar coding, the Internet, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and other timesaving technologies. These technologies help you, our Customer, to become more efficient and thus reduce your cost of doing business.

Just In Time Program

Because of our fundamental Customer focus, Creative Lighting long ago recognized the value of partnering and we have been actively involved in promoting and servicing these relationships for more than 20 years. Creative Lighting is such a firm believer in the Just-In-Time concept that we have invested a considerable amount of time, energy and money in educating businesses on the benefits of JIT contracting and promoting our ability to provide Customers with significant cost savings.

Inventory Management

Creative Lighting views inventory as an asset. The service and performance levels that our Customers experience are a direct result of our inventory levels. Our inventory analysis methods are not based on financially based inventory models, Creative Lighting’s inventory is based upon our Customers’ requirements. Sometimes this may mean stocking an item that does not “turn” as often but is very important to a particular Customer. Our Associates know the product and are the prime asset in managing such efficiency. Creative Lighting’s state-of-the-art inventory control system ensures that your product will be in-stock when you need it.

Knowledgeable Sales Associates

Creative Lighting Sales Associates are one of the primary reasons our company has been so successful. It is their commitment to Customer satisfaction and product knowledge that has enabled Creative Lighting to consistently provide exceptional service.

We want the opportunity to earn your business; we know that our philosophy, systems, people and experience can work for you. You can depend on Creative Lighting for a commitment to Service Excellence, for systems that work, and for smart people that know your business needs. At Creative Lighting we know the product and know how to provide you with the outstanding service levels you require.